Integrating a UDM-Pro next to the ISP router


(first off: I’m a big fan of the Lawrence Systems YT channel, and a big nerd when it comes to IT equipment, I’d like to have the best and the fastest things out there even if I don’t need them - please help!)

I’m thinking of buying a UDM-Pro and connecting it to the router from my ISP - on which I have no access nor can I tell them to modify settings (add custom routes).
Will the UDM-Pro work in my case as a Unifi Firewall / Unifi Protect? Do I need to set up static routes to get access to Internet?
I don’t quite get the LAN-WAN data flow and routing settings that need to happen for things to work.


Welcome to the forums. If it is a setting they offer then normally you would want the UDM Pro bridged to the ISP equipment.