Installing Network UPS Tools (NUT) on an XCP-NG Server

Hi all

I want to install the Network UPS Tools client (NUT) on my XCP-NG servers, so I can manage a graceful shutdown, in the event of power loss. Unfortunately, the NUT client won’t install on the XCP-NG. To looks like I need EPEL, however, the XCP-NG documentation recommends not installing components like EPEL.

Has anyone installed the NUT client on XCP-NG and can give me some guidance.

Many thanks

Bit of a late response here and this is coming from the “I’ve not tried this but it might work” desk but…

Can you fire up a VM and pass through the USB/Serial for the UPS?

Hi Gareth, thanks for responding.

I should have described my environment a bit better. All my UPS’a are Eaton’s with the network management modules installed. I currently use Eaton’s management tool, Intelligent Power Manager (IPM). IPM monitors the UPS’s and when a power failure is detected IPM signals the configured agents running on the servers to gracefully shutdown. Prior to moving to XCP-NG, I used Microsoft Hyper-V and Eaton’s agent Intelligent Power Protector (IPP) which fine. Unfortunately, the Linux versions of IPP don’t install and very old so I decided to use NUT, as Eaton’s IPM supports NUT, and working fine with my QNAP NAS’s. Unfortunately, the NUT client doesn’t install either. My Linux skills are limited, hence my question.

Many thanks

I think I would still apply a similar logic.

Spin up a VM, get NUT installed and talking to the Eaton’s. That’s half the battle. Then work out how to send a message (shell script sending a command via SSH maybe?) to the Host to tell it to pause everything and shutdown?