I'm hitting a wall with a Windows domain environment issue

I have searched high and low and cannot come up with a solution to a client problem I am seeing.

They are on a domain with a 2016 Server R2. They all have Windows 10 1709/1809. Only one of the machines can be seen in the network browser on each of the machines, the same machine on all workstations. They have no problem accessing all workstations, but are getting tired of having to manually type in the workstations they want to access.
DHCP and DNS are being handled by the server.
I have performed registry edits, upgrades, and pretty much everything advised from several hours of internet research.

Any ideas?

Network Discovery needs to be turned on each machine you want visible on the network. NetBIOS needs to be allowed between each VLAN.

Honestly there shouldn’t be a need for workstations to see each other, they should all be using the server. I would simply create a desktop shortcut to the server and call it a day. Network Discovery in a business setting just puts a bad taste in my mouth.