I225 Networking Chipset and xcp-ng

I just wanted to confirm from others however I believe xcp-ng runs an older linux kernel that doesn’t support the i225 chipset. I can’t actually find information specifically stating it definitively does not or does support the chipset, however posts similar to this: Driver: Add support for intel i225 nic (igc) · Issue #535 · xcp-ng/xcp · GitHub suggest it does not, while others still definitely show there is development in this area: Intel NUC10 + NUC11 woes (NUC8 is alright...) | XCP-ng and XO forum. The drivers may possibly available in the alt-kernel.

Is there anyone with experience using xcp-ng with i225 version networking cards?? or should I just default to a different hypervisor like proxmox that has a more recent kernel?

I hope it works with Marvell chips, I have new servers coming with Marvell 88E1512 chips on board and I think they are waiting for the 10GB card from the same manufacturer. I didn’t realize that these newer Intel chips were not supported, been dealing with old recycled servers for my test lab.

What hardware are you trying to use? I’m guessing some kind of tiny system that only has on board networking and no chance to put in a card. If this is the case, then Proxmox might be your only choice unless you want to build a KVM based system off of a distro that supports your hardware.

Just a follow up… Looks like installing alternate driver will make it work, stuff here for download Andrew's XCP-ng page

Wish I could tell you more, but you can look at it this way:

You want to work with a hypervisor.

You want to run XCP-NG but not certain it will function.

You may run Proxmox if XCP-NG doesn’t work.

Proxmox works with this hardware.

So your biggest risk seems to be some time trying to get XCP-NG working and if this fails you end up back at Proxmox. If you are certain Proxmox works, then you will only be out a few hours of time to try and get XCP-NG working before giving up and going to Proxmox.

It’s a Topton 2.5GB 5 port integrated device as reviewed on Serve the Home. No way to add another card since it’s all integrated. I’ll look at the link posted. Thanks. I’m hoping to not screw around forever and not show anything for it – but you know how that goes :stuck_out_tongue:

I know far to well how that goes.

If it works, please come back and let us know, I’d really like to have my lab at home, but my wife will kill me if I bring all that noise and power consumption home. I have 4 old servers, 3 for XCP-NG and the 4th for Truenas to store the VMs.

Just in process of testing RAM (as is my usual operating procedure on any computer build) and then will test disks. Unit is fanless and during mem86 testing the unit gets extremely hot. I was gettting a ton of errors during mem86 hammer test (Test 13) however CPU temp was an impressive 96 degrees C. I stopped the test and placed some cheap 80 mm fan I farmed out of an old computer build and just sat that on the top of the unit as fan exhaust. I’m in process of re-running tests however unit now running anywhere between 53-63 degrees C and I haven’t had any errors thus far (whereas in previous tests with fans I had already encountered errors). Seems like somewhat of a design flaw to me to make these devices fanless as I’ll have to run a USB->FAN header cord, then contact my guy on Etsy to 3D print probably a 2U unit enclosure for the device and top fan.

I’ll let you know how the xcp-ng installation goes as thus far I’ve only personally been contacted by Andrew himself recommending to try his drives for the i225.

I have not stress tested my Mele Quieter2 yet, but it is running Zentyal for my domain controller just fine, pretty light duty. It is warm, but never hot yet. I need to work with that software more in depth but time is always against me.

I have a Quieter3 at home that I still need to fire up, maybe I’ll through a boot disk in and do some stress testing for fun.