How To Setup VLANs With pfsense & UniFI - pretty much like the video but

I have watch the video twice and it is really good, I just need to apply it to my setup.
There is really just one question I have… that is my VLAN10 called server, it has its own Unifi Switch.
It is defined in pfSense and in the Unifi as a VLAN network.
So from pfSense to Switch 1, on that I set the incoming port to VLAN 10?
That is the question I have.
I will add a image of my thougths.

I assume you are using physical ports form the pfsense so those would be native networks. Generally speaking VLAN’s ride on a native network not on multiple physical interfaces so it would be a much simpler setup if you had one port from the pfsense that carried all the networks and connected the switches together with their ports set to ALL from the pfsense and to each other.

I am not using the switch on the Netgate, which I should, so all ports are trunk ports so to speak.
So all ports have all VLANs. All incoming and outgoing ports are set to all.
So that step from pfSense to Unifi switch 1 should also be all to all?

If you are using the switch ports on a device such as the 2100 or 3100, then yes set it to all.

Ok will start with that… soonish whenenver I get the time, I plan to redo the Netgate so that I use the built in switch.