How to convince clients to use GSUITE

Could you please make a video in which you can address the benefits of GSUITE, mostly giving tips/best features and what arguments to use in order to convince the client to use GSUITE.

I don’t push too hard for my clients to use Gsuite over Office 365. While I do prefer Gsuite, it comes down to use case. If the client is really used to using Outlook all the Office Products and has no desire to change, forcing them on the Gsuite platform will only land blame on you for any issues they have in learning the new platform. We have a lot of younger clients on Gsuite because they used it in school and are already used to the Google platform.


Dear Tom,
Thanks for your reply.
I can clearly see your point of view and you are correct. Your experience and knowledge allows me to better understand the situation as you pointed out with the clients, and possible
repercussions we could have if we force the clients to Gsuite.

Maybe the video I request could be more focused towards a comparison between Gsuite and Office 365 so that we can explain it better to the clients, so that they can make a better decision as to what platform they could choose.

One example is, many clients have decided to move to Gsuite because the PST files constantly break and Outlook Desktop client freezes and is un-responsive. If we have a client that has those pain points, we automatically asked them to try the Gsuite and see if they like it better.

The video could possibly be focused in examples such as the one I give, to maybe help the community to find ways to solve clients problems by migrating to the Gsuite platform.

Love your videos, keep up the good work and best of luck in all your future projects!

Try this

Tom, that is perfect, just what i was looking for. Thanks a bunch. I hope the community also takes a look at that video. It was sure exactly what i was looking for.
Have a great weekend!