How to block a current IP connection to the internet in PFsense

I’m sure this is a newbie question but I’m trying to stop - on the fly - a ip or MAC address from continuing to have internet access. I’ve watched some videos and I can block after rebooting the device but not while it is active. Is it really that hard to do this ?

I have already added the ip address as static
so now I have a firewall rule to
single host ip address
destination any

save then apply changes

I went to the STATS and filtered the ip address and killed all states on the LAN
when I went to the WAN there were also filtered entries though I had to kill those one at a time
the stream continues and the stats table refills on the LAN side
I’ve tried to remove them again with zero success.

The goal is to strop a running stream in a Smart TV or Roku device.

I can’t seem to make this work

any suggestions

Make sure you have the rule order correct. It matches from top down