How They Got Hacked Episode N1n3: A2 Hosting Hack, Credential Stuffing, and 50 Sites Hacked

Writeup of 50 sites hacked in 6 hours

Dell Hack

Eight Devices, One Exploit: OEM Vulnerabilities

A2 Hosting Hack

Credential Stuffing

New How They Got Hacked Channel (Videos coming soon)

Great episode. I am looking forward to the new channel. I’m currently chasing my own papers right now, but I enjoy seeing insight from people actually doing this now.

This series does make sense for it to have it own channel. Hopefully that will allow different opportunities for growth. It’s great to see you guys reaching out and getting other voices in the field. I look forward to the future of this channel and I appreciate all of the time and effort you guys put into it.

Would love to see some HTB/CTF walk throughs. It might be a bit difficult to get a good video format for that, though.