How They Got Hacked Episode 4: DC313, Shadowhammer MAC List, Pwn To Own, and


loving these; keep up the good work.

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So excited this series is out now. I’ve been really excited for it and I’m very anxious to see where the story goes.

Suggestions in regards to this series specifically:

  1. Could you end each episode with a couple of security suggestions (possibly relevant to the discussion in that episode). I know they are sprinkled throughout the episode but it would be nice to start compiling a list of good security hygiene practices.

  2. I know you talked about doing some more technical solo episodes and it would be neat to see some tips on how to secure systems and the “what can happen if you don’t” sides of it. So essentially them breaking and securing systems in real-time to show the potential consequences.

Thanks for all that you guys do!