How They Got Hacked Episode 1

Thanks for getting this video out @LTS_Tom! Since you’ve started talking about this kind of thing and that you’re making these videos I’ve started thinking as a “Blue Teamer”. It’s gotten me thinking in new ways to help my clients, and looking into what and how the “Red Team” works and thinks. Such great stuff! I’m really looking forward to the next installment!

What I’d love to see is you and Deviant Ollam in the same room having a discussion about physical security. I’ve learned so much that I’m already applying from just a few of his talks, but I’d really like to see his expertise and opinion on physical security specifically on the MSP arena.

Thanks for all you do!


Loved it!! Can’t wait to see more. I’m already starting to shake from withdrawals.

? I use Google voice for accounts that use 2FA sms. Google voice uses U2F only I have the advanced setting turned up. So no social engineering. I don’t have Google voice foward sms to my cell carrier. I only use the app Google voice app. Is there any know vulnerability in that. I don’t like 2fa sms but most companies use it. Can’t get around not using it. If it is not the best way what is the best way. Thanks

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love the topic and wold love if you do this to a regular thing.
the only bad thing is that you get nightmares about the security of my own workplace haha. not the worst but it could be a lot better. slowly working my bosses towards better standards.

one thing i noticed is when a service force you to change password every 3rd month or so almost everyone just use the same password with one character changing, otherwise you can not remember if you have multiple accounts like this. 2 stage authentication is much better.

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Agreed, really enjoyed this video, and hope to see more like it.

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Good video. We had this exact thing happen just 2 weeks ago. VP of finance was targeted with a Dropbox link that tricked her to give up her O365 password. The hacker setup a forward to a throw away Gmail account and sat and monitored email for 2 weeks. The company was selling off a division for 400k. One day before the wire was supposed to happen from the attorney the hacker logged in and said there was a change of plans and you should wire the money to a new account. He was one click away from throwing away 400k. They called us in a panic and I logged into o365 backend and it was lit up Iike a Christmas tree about the forward. Apparently the IT manager ignored the original email on 2/14.
So this is very real. I believe O365 does enable security compliance by default.

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