How good is Windows Defender? Do I have to install any other third party antivirus software?

I don’t use any third party antivirus software, all I use is Windows Defender. Now, I am spending more and more of my time browsing websites and downloading files. So this got me thinking whether I should use Bit defender, Avast, etc for protecting my PC. I do know that Windows Defender has improved from its initial days. But how good is defender when compared to other big and heavy antivirus software?

My company policy is to run as a none admin user and use the built in AV (Windows Defender), has been essentially since windows 10.

I used to re-sell AVG and whilst it was good money (45% reseller discount) for very little work it was not the best advice for my customers so I stopped selling it.


Do you use the default settings? Is there anything extra that I need to turn on?

Good enough (IMHO), I don’t do any tweaking on it.

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Another thing to make sure of is UAC is set to something reasonable… I have some software that requires it set to none, and I’m not at all happy about it. Something to do with keyboard macro function not working in this software without disabling UAC.

That said, this same software on the server side requires that the server auto-login or the server doesn’t operate properly. That will tell you the quality level of this software, and it is used around the world and costs a lot of money each year in licensing fees. And they still can’t make things run properly as a real service.

I should also mention that McAfee has a new endpoint tool that works with Defender, I’m going to transistion a few computers over to this new tool over the winter class break. Not sure if it is available stand alone, but it is part of my ePO (ePolicy Orchestrator) license.

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That kind of software makes me mad