How does video footage get routed?

Hello, thanks in advanced for your help.

If for example I have Unifi Video on a Server set up to store video footage to a FreeNAS box using iSCSI (2 different boxes) what’s the path that the data takes from the cameras?

Does it go from camera directly to FreeNAS or does it go camera to Unify Video Server then to FreeNAS?

I wish I could test for myself but I don’t have any of this built yet. I’m designing my home network.

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I don’t know for sure, but I strongly suspect that camera will only ever communicate with the video server. Why would there be any reason for the camera to know that the server even uses iSCSI?

We have UniFi Video and it records to our FreeNAS. We have UniFI video installed on a linux system that has an SMB mount to the FreeNAS and we point the video directory to it.

So the flow is Camera -> UniFi Video Server -> FreeNAS

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Thanks guys! Just the excuse I needed to put a 10Gbe connection between the Unifi Server and FreeNAS. Hmmm, wonder where I can watch a video on that… lol

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