How do you set the DHCP Service on LAN3 and 4 in PfSense on a new Netgate 4100?

Generally following the “2018 Getting started …” video on YouTube, I was able to configure DHCP Server for Lan and Lan2. However, when going into “DHCP Server”, there is no tab for LAN3 and LAN4. Can assign an IP address and set firewall rules for Lan 3 and 4.

Could be something simple as PfSense and this NetGate are new to me.


Make sure those interfaces are enabled and then they should show up.
Also, I have a 2020 edition of that video:

Thanks! That sounds easy and see that is in the 2020 video.

I also appreciate that the videos go through various menu settings. Some are multiple steps to accomplish a goal and others are preferences. That combined with some details about why someone might want to do that are hitting many of things that I do want to set up and adding new ones.

Your other reviews simplified the purchase decision, and these tutorials reduce the learning curve for configuring all the options. Again, thank you!

Went through the configurations again noted they are all enabled. Took a third time to notice the subnet masks on the networks missing from DHCP were 32. Set them to 24 and they show up under DHCP Server.