How do you manage none computer devices

Got my first managed customer( been doing all project work until now) and I’m getting ready to set everything up but the one issue I haven’t solved is how do I manage none computer devices? The easy solution would be to have a persistent site to site vpn but there are too many security concerns for that to make sense. My second thought was go use create a road warrior vpn and connect to the customer site if I need to manage anything that I can’t manage with the RMM.
Secondary to this how do you guys monitor those devices? My plan thus far is to install a Zabbix proxy on a raspberry pi and use zero tier to connect back to my Zabbix master. Also toyed with the same set up but using librenms instead of Zabbix. Librenms seems to work with just about anything that uses snmp without code modifications.

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What we monitor varies based on what is agreed up. We use a lot of UnIFi and it has it’s own management platform we host that makes it really easy. Also, it is often the case not every random device get’s monitoring.

Thanks Tom. I’m worried about monitoring their Synology NAS. I know Solarwinds will Monitor the NAS but it gives very basic data, basically ping and disk status. I’m looking for things like trending and to be able to set alerts when the volume is almost full.

The Synology DSM already has that feature and can send out email notices.

So you recommend monitoring with solarwinds for disk issues and have the synology send emails for space issues? Sorry if I’m being a bit naive here, I’ve never had to do ongoing work with a customer it’s usually do a thing and they call me if they need me for anything else. So I may be over thinking things quite a bit