How do you feel about Veeam backup?

Anyone using Veeam for backup?
How do you like it?

We use it to backup and replicate our VMware infrastructure. Out of all of the backup products I have used in the last 20 years this is the only one that has really given me 100% confidence that it will work when the time comes. We do of course do manual testing of restoring from backups, but we also utilise their SureBackup technology to run automated tests on all of our servers weekly. The only failures I’ve had with the automated testing have been false positives, such as a service within the VM failing to start, so the automated script couldn’t see service as available, but the VM itself was 100% fine. We have had replication errors, but bar one, I think those have been down to our Veeam partner rather than the software itself.

Are you just using agents or are you installing a Veeam machine at your customer site as well?

We’re not an MSP, we’re a software company, so have it installed on site. We don’t use any agents as the backups are taken via vCenter using virtual machine snapshot technology.

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