How do I spy on my kids?

My kids are not allowed to use YouTube while they are grounded (somewhat often lately), mostly because they watch Tom Lawrence too often haha. I want to give them their apple TV’s back, but I want to be able to see from my PFSense firewall if they have been accessing YouTube from these devices. Is there a way to find this out? Also is there a way to have a firewall rule kick off a task such as sending an email when something like this happens?

You might want to explore pfblocker, though I use it just from the lists to block dodgy sites etc.
The logs bring up ip addresses but a lot of stuff there.

While I can’t afford children, I’d say it’s easier to set them up on their own vlan, then apply rules to control general internet access as required.

Actually just noticed that under Firewall > Aliases there is an entry for URLs perhaps you can also add YouTube sites here, then create a rule that refers back to this Alias, perhaps there is a way to be alerted when this rule is triggered.

I’d recommend being general in your rules and block anything with “tube”. The little ones seem to find various alias sites which are worse then the one you’re thinking of. I also set up an Alert so i get an email when the child tries to access, so I can react to the broken house rules! I did this using Untangle but i’m sure PF has something similar.