Host time and XOA time are not consistent with eachother


I have two dell r710’s running xcp-ng, and one XOA vm on one of the hosts. I’m seeing this error in the dashboard and I’m not sure how to correct this. The two xcp hosts are in sync, but the xoa vm isn’t. Any recommendations on how to keep all three in sync?

Setup the same time servers for all the systems.

Even using same ntp servers, the xoa vm is still off by 2 seconds. Assume it’s some sort of drift issue? Is there a way to make it use the same time as the host its on?

Not sure, not an issue I have encountered before, try their forums.

Had this issue a while back would periodically drift a bit causing backups to fail. I would choose one as time point and adjust manually. Luckily it wasn’t many as I had 50 host.