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Hello everyone,

I’m looking to build out a firewall for home user with my GIG ATT fiber connection.

I have a custom build that I believe will be far more than enough to host a firewall /w Suricata and a router but I a slightly cheaper option may be to just purchase an SG-3100 and just have that run a firewall /w Suricata and use my existing R7000 router with that.

My question is will the SG-3100 be able to service a GIG connection properly with a firewall and Suricata running?

Also if anyone has any input or advice on my build it is below.



The SG-3100 would probably not be as fast as your build, especially for Suricata. But do you really need that?

Need, no not at all but I think it would be really fun to mess with and have. Seems like I will be able to do a lot with the build so I can mess around a bit :3