Home pfSense Box & Vlans

I am looking developing my home network into something more advanced. One of the ways I want to do this is by using VLANs.

I am looking to do the following;
Have a wired & wireless network for the Computers, Laptops, TV, etc with the VLAN ID 192.168.3.x
Have a WiFi network called “Smart Home” for the smart home devices with VLAN ID 192.168.4.x
Have a Guests Wired & Wireless network for guests with the VLAN ID 192.168.5.x

I understand how to configure VLANs on the pfSense interface, however I am unsure what equipment I need to buy (Routers, Switches, Access Points and anything else).

Any ideas? Anything would be appreciated.

You’ll need Vlan aware switches ,some of the ‘dumb’ ones support this so you may not need to buy a fully managed switch.

You will also need APs that support vlans, Unifi are quite well recommended.

I run a Cisco C4948 switch and Cisco 3602i WAP. The switch was around $100 and the WAP was $40. These are enterprise devices so the configuration is more robust and a challenge for some people to work with. I recommend this route if you are looking to learn more about networking for a future job since this will likely be what they are running.

Well I use the following:
Netgear GS748Tv5 48 Port switch works without any issues, NETGEAR GS110TP 8 Port PoE for IP cameras and TP-Link EAP245 Access Point.

My advice read the access point documents to make sure they support the number of wireless vlan SSIDs you need, there aren’t too many out there at a reasonable price.

The TP link for me works ok, I use the captive portal for guest access with tokens which is neat.