Home automation

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Ok here it is. I’m running a pfsense router at my house and here is my setup. It’s on a hp620 plus with a 4 port intel nic. I have set 2 lans so far. 1 is my game console network (no cross talk to other lan) and the other is my lan1 with my deb box and plex server on it. I’ve also added a older router to it to act as a wap.
Ok here is where I’m planning on a change. I would like to add home assistance via a pi and touch screen. (Planning on hacking a bunch of sonoff basics for the lights with a new firmware from github…tasmodo is what I’ve heard it called).
I want it all on it’s own “crap network”. But I really don’t want to add a second wap. I have one I just like the idea of one.
Is there a way to “bind” the “crap network” to the good network but still keep a respectable amount of security? Or should I just use my second wap on its own lan and make the network hidden?

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Well, I guess I am partial, for I have, in addition to my wired devices, three access points - Asus N66U Dark Knights - Ch 1/6/11 - in my home. I do that for wifi efficiency; everyone has their own network for wifi and everyone is therefore happy, which is key. I would suggest you add another access point and “isolate” it for your “crap” network. Going that route will add security and enable efficiency in your wifi environment.

It’s what I was thinking. The only thing the connects to WiFi now is cell phones and the occasional laptop. Everything else is wired

Yeah…it might be the way to go. Check out Craigslist, in your area, for people unloading their Asus N66U Dark Knights. Most people are selling them now because they’re just using their ISP provided routers. You should be able to get them pretty cheap, $30-$50, and they’re an excellent value as a dedicated AP. I loaded DD-WRT on mine and they’ve been great.