Help with FQ Codel rule as its blocking curl request to another host

In the following setup when I try to access Host A from Host B it does not work. Both traceroute & ping work as expected but a curl request does not.

The setup I have is

Trying to debug I was disabling rules and seeing if it would work and I found that the Codel rule was the culprit.

I had followed your video tutorial to setup the limiters when i had noticed some bufferbloat problems.
Since discovering the issue I searched to see if there was another tutorial to verify the setup or see if any updates were made and found a netgate video which has the same setup.

Limiter and rule setup are pretty much the same as defined in

On Host A I setup a server that just responds with ‘hello world’ when the rule is disabled it works as expected but with the rule enabled i get

curl: (56) Recv failure: Operation timed out

I don’t understand why that rule would break curl. Is this expected with applying FQ Codel to fix bufferbloat? If so is there something I can do to be able to reach Host A?


PS apologies if i haven’t provided all the details I have just started with getting home network in place by following & learning from your videos.

Please show the rules you have made (screenshots). I’ve been doing IT for too long to trust that anyone (including myself) 100% correctly followed a guide/instructions. And even if you did follow them correctly, maybe those guides didn’t completely match your setup.

Sure I have gone ahead and added the following:

  • Floating Rule
  • WAN Up/Down Limiter
  • WAN Up/Down Queue

Please let me know If there are any other rules or screenshots you would like to see.