Hello TrueNAS Scale RC1

Pulled the trigger this morning, smooth update. So far so good, everything is working. Web GUI is acting a little glitchy for me - but not sure if that’s a me problem Or TN problem just yet lol. Good luck to everyone else updating today!


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was about to post on another tread under Tech news and ask…

… so curious.

who’s going to take the plunge and swing their Core → Scale

I still need to build a test VM and create the various docker images to run that which is currently running as Jails.

battling to download Scale… any chance if anyone knows if it’s avail via a torrent.


Unsure if it’s available elsewhere - I’d certainly verify the hash given what it is. I had problems doing an in-place upgrade on BETA 1 - however it appears to have been resolved in RC1 (https://jira.ixsystems.com/browse/NAS-111944?page=com.docminer.jira.issue-links%3Acom.kintosoft.jira.links.tab-panel). So I ended up just manually configuring everything lol.

So far enjoying Scale way more than Core in terms of the web GUI.

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I’m not even getting enough downloaded before it fails to make use of the md5…

I pretty much can’t really have problems as there is no backup.

I’m happy to have some issues on my plex server or the Unifi controller, but nothing related to the data…