Hello everyone from the cold UK

Hi All,

Just to say hello and Merry Christmas.

A little about me:

Based in the UK
Use Mikrotik/Pfsense in a professionally
Full amateur radio UK license holder (also hold a US tech)

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Hi James, ‘same same’ from the other side of the North Sea.
Looking forward to learning and gaining insights here. I’m a novice as far as server setup and such go, it was Tom who inspired me to go into PFsense, FreeNAS and XCP-Ng. Learning to roll my own solutions instead of buying of the shelves.

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Merry Christmas to you as well, James!

Also a (US) Ham here. I’ve been General class since… uh… //looks himself up on QRZ// …2014!

I started using pfsense after watching Tom’s videos as well. I have a VMWare ESXi 6.7 lab environment but I’m itching to try out XCP-NG as well. I’d wipe and reload my ESXi box and load it if I need to learn VMWare for work.

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Hi James,

Fellow UK person here, was kinda wishing for it to be a tad colder here tbh, let’s the servers be a tad quieter for a bit of the year :joy:

I’m currently a mix of Meraki, Cisco and pfsense for my network.

Is there much overlap between network/homeland type stuff and amateur radio. It would be pretty neat to broadcast system/servee warnings long range over radio so if ISP is down it could be relayed out over a different medium.

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That’s very cool, I really love doing things myself. I know the saying “don’t re-invent the wheel” but if we didn’t we’d learn nothing.

Hi Matt,

Very cool to see another ham on here. I’ve always been fascinated with electronics and radio in general. I really believe today that the gap between IT and radio communications is closing fast.

I’m just using KVM on Debian, this runs all my guest machines. I’m pretty much self hosting everything now, it’s time consuming but I love it

Haha, Is it bad that I want snow? Most people grab the pitchforks when I say that!

My server (really an old gaming machine tower) keeps the office warm.

We use Meraki on some client sites, I like the interface. However I really dislike how long they’ve taken to implement IPv6.

I would say that computers play a much bigger role in Amateur radio now. You could have a remote alarm that would transmit over a wide range. The one limitation in the UK is that we are not allowed to use our Amateur licenses for commercial use, so hobby stuff is fine.

We have loads of digital modes, some capable of carrying internet now :slight_smile:. Any questions I’d be happy to help.

Merry Christmas

I am also in the UK, Hull to be precise.

Running an MSP.

Very busy!

Not quite cold enough here, yet.


Kind regards,

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TBH I would love some snow. RN. Three feet deep minimum.

It would make xmas time feel more xmassy aswell

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Hello, fellow Brit here. Located near Leeds.

I’m a web developer at work, but have a keen interest in Home-labbing, testing new hardware and just started running Ubuntu LXD containers for my home network.