Headless server with no GPU?

An opportunity has come up to build a small XCP-ng server for a client who needs only one VM. I see that Intel is putting out Core i3 processors that don’t have an integrated GPU that I could put on, say, a SuperMicro board or other board with an iKVM or similar LAN KVM port. Does anyone have any experience or knowledge as to whether the KVM functionality relies on the system’s GPU to access the terminal via the web console? Do I need a GPU at all? Or will the KVM emulate the server terminal without one?

Depending on the main board, you can get regular serial comms through the IPMI connection. That should allow shell access.

That said, I have never tried this, you’ll want and x9 or newer to attempt this, I haven’t had any luck with x8 or h8 boards and ipmi, I think those required option modules but not certain.