Having difficulty getting the POE slots to work in switch

Hi guys/gals,

i have set up a brand new Ubiquiti 16 port POE switch, where the first 8 ports on the left are designed to automatically detect POE devices. I’ve tried plugging in a POE Ubiquiti wifi antenna and it doesn’t detect it, i’ve also tried plugging in a G4 Bullet camera, also doesnt detect it.

Could you guys give me any clues as to how to get the POE to activate on the switch plz?

ps: i know the antenna works as when i plug in a POE adaptor and then run it into the switch (into one of the non-POE ports which are numbered 9 - 16), the antenna boots up and provides super fast internet to almost the entire neighbourhood lol, but it just wont give it power when it’s plugged straight in. Whilst the Antenna is running through a wall plate, the camera is not. So i dont think it’s the wall plate that’s the issue.

Any advice would be handy, so that i can try to work out why the cameras at least aren’t being powered, as i will soon have them all set up around the yard.


What’s the exact model number of the switch and the AP?

USW-16-POE is the switch and the Antenna is LOCOM2, i hope this helps?

since posting this it has automatically detected a G4 Bullet i plugged in, and seems to be working, but the Antella is still a no go.

Well there’s your problem. Not all POE is the same. There are two categories, Active POE and Passive POE. Active POE (the standards 802.3af, 802.3at, and 802.3bt) doesn’t output power until a suitable sink (electrical term meaning something that uses power) is detected, and runs at 48 - 56V. Passive POE is always on, and normally runs at 24V. The Loco M2 only has Passive POE, and the USW-16-POE only has Active POE. The G4 Bullet also has Active POE. So the switch can detect the camera and outputs power to it, but it doesn’t detect the antenna - and good thing because if the switch output 48V it would fry the antenna.

You can buy an “Instant AF Adapter” which has Active POE on its input, and Passive 24V POE on its output. The model is INS-3AF-I-G.

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That’s a good tip, I’ve been living dangerously and just plugging in !!