HAProxy, Wild Card Certs, and Email Servers

Any chance you could put an additional short video on how to configure HAProxy to pass through SMTP, IPOP, etc, services through to a back-end mail server(s). Working on it now and I figured a video from you would help a lot of people. Myself included. For that matter, really, any video on better understanding how to pass through more unique services to back-end servers. Just looking for more examples of using HAProxy on PFSense correctly so that I use it to front my internal servers.

Not likely as it’s not really anything we ever use. While the number will probably never be zero, we are not seeing many people run their own mail servers anymore which also makes a video like this of limited utility.

No worries. I guess I am just a dinosaur. LOL. I did get it to work properly. Figured out I had it set to HTTP instead of TCP. Also just had to set the default back-end with out passing ssl through. Trial and error but heavy on the error. Thanks for the reply and consideration.

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