HAProxy - Problem with Subdomains

Hi all

I seem to have HAProxy running on my main site (.co.uk) but any subdomains I try to get working don’t seem to work, the certs work and I have them under Certificates in ACME section… I set the backend and use the same Front End as my .co.uk site, but I get an error 503.

Im a bit stuck!

ANy help greatly appreciated!

Check the HA Proxy logs but you probably have misconfigured the hostnam matching in the front end.

Ive double and triple checked and the ACls and Actions seems to match name wise for example, I have BitWarden, and specify bw to point to my domain name, which points to my backend server on port 80.

For example, I have BW > Host matches > Value as subdomain name (bw.domain.co.uk)
Action: Use Backend > BW

I have added in additinal Certs under the FE also.

Default backend is set to my .co.uk domain.

Oh, I have another error, Not sure where to go with this one, I have 14 useable IP’s set as Aliases, if I chose one in Front End except for WAN Address, I get an error saying it cannot bind.