Happy New Year - IPv6?

Happy New Year to everyone! Let’s hope 2019 brings us more geeky networking set up videos!

Question regarding networking, Have you deployed IPv6 in the office / at home?

I’ve been pushing for a while to get other colleagues to implement IPv6 where possible.

At home I’ve had IPv6 working for over a year.


I have done very little with ipv6 due to lack of need for it.

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Me too, intentionally disabled IPv6 on my home network

Professionally I don’t use IPv6 and there is no desire/interest/etc for it in my market (hospitality in North America). Personally my ISP (Verizon FIOS) has absolutely no IPv6 support, but I’ve played with an IPv6 tunnel from Hurricane Electric.

Have a tunnel from HE at work set up, yet IPv6 is still disabled as part of system setup & troubleshooting as there has been no internal need / desire from other techs or management, and I dont see that changing soon for us.

I honestly dread IPv6 hitting a prominent status in the industry. I have a ton of random IP’s (primary DC’s at work, spam appliance, etc) rattling around in my head. Having to replace those with the supremely cumbersome v6 addresses is frightening.

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I’ve been playing with IPv6 at home and its been an interesting learning experience.

I was talking to the IT director at work (school district) and for now the entire district is still IPv4 and he’s dreading when he’s going to be forced to go IPv6 because its been a while since he’s worked with it.

Switching to IPv6 will be very very error prone oh what fun that will be for the MSSPs and CISOs, at rue Nightmare on Elm St. No one I know is running IPv6 just to much effort. Comcast is big with it but doesn’t get past the edge. Why it was made so over complicated is a mystery other than the engineers gone wild. The addressing scream is way overly complex and confusing.

The more I learn about IPv6 the more I like it in certain aspects. As long as you have decent DNS going (along with firewalls to protect your “local assets” I really wish I could forgo dual stack on my gear and run pure IPv6 on my home LAN. It would make a really interesting project.

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I have IPv6 fully deployed at home, dual stack. I may create an IPv6 vlan only, that way I can play with radvd etc… :slight_smile:

I’m dual stack on everything that will support it. I should setup a IPV6 only VLAN as something to play with…I like that idea.

Have fun post your results trials and tribulations. In the real outside the lab there is not sufficient time or resources [read that budget] available while defending the castle and keeping the lights on. Conclusion KISS.

LOL I’m going to translate keeping the lights on to keeping the wife unit happy…after all my playground is at home and Momma isn’t impressed when I continually “break the internet”. I sold her on my buying the gear I have based on stability so she isn’t convinced when I break it LOL

Well that’s one way of defining “keeping the lights on”, usually it means just keeping systems up and running, patching and fixing end user problems, the day to day admin tasks. I can see how your definition fits your circumstances, sometime referred to as “mission impossible.” Good luck and don’t bust the net.