HA Proxy - XenOrchestra half loads

When I access XenOrchestra via its local IP, it loads just fine. However when I try via the URL (as set up in HAPorxy) I can log onto the portal but only the menus load.

Is there possibly something I need to do differently for XenOrchestra when trying to set up access using HAProxy?

Might be a CORS-related issue. Open your browser’s debug console (F12 → Console) and check whether there are any errors concerning resources that could not be loaded.

Also you can go to the Network tab, reload the page and check whether the broswer tries to load from any domains / addresses that it shouldn’t.

Saw nothing but then on a 2nd or 3rd refresh, the following popped up in the console

Once I got

Refused to execute script from 'https://xo.mydomain.com/signin' because its MIME type ('text/html') is not executable, and strict MIME type checking is enabled.

and the other time

[Violation] 'hashchange' handler took 152ms

But I have not managed to generate these errors again.

The “Issues” tab gives lots of warnings with 3 compatibility errors but these also display when browsing via IP (which works just fine).

Might need to enable x-forward-for

Just checking that I am looking at this correctly. My googling indicates that I can do this in the Frontend. As I only want it for one site I am guessing I need to create a separate frontend for this and then check “use ‘forwardfor’ option”

If this is the case, where then do I specify the settings as mentioned here: Add an X-Forwarded-For header | HAProxy config tutorials. While this mentions that I can do it in the backend too, I can’t see where that is done.

I have it enabled on the front end and it is working for me.

If you only want this on one site then you’ll have to create a new front end.