HA Proxy - Port in URL

Hi All,

I’m using HA Proxy in pfsense. I’ve got a docker container that re-directs all traffic to HTTPS and includes the port number in the URL. Unfortunately, I’m not able to change the configuration of the container to prevent the port number from displaying in the URL. Is there anything I can do in HA Proxy (I’m assuming the backend) to trick the service into thinking the port number is in the URL when in fact, the port number is hidden from the user?

Separately, I use Lets Encrypt certs in Ha Proxy. The container comes with a self signed certificate. What settings in HA proxy do I configure to trick the container into thinking I’m using/accepting the containers certificate?


I don’t have it working yet, but I think it’s something along these lines (attached).

If you choose a port other that 80 or 443 for the front end, it will display the port number in the URL.

This is for the backend. The frontend is 443.

Using the http-request header replace, I’m able to temporarily fix the issue to hit the logon page. But once I attempt to log in, the port shows back up in the URI.