HA Proxy: Incorrect cert - missed a setting somewhere

I have run through the troubleshooting video, found some issues but still getting




pFsense Lan interface is on

The following have been checked:

Not sure what I have missed.

In the first screen shot it shows the cert was issued by QNAP not Let’s Encrypt. Also post more text and less screenshots as it’s easier to index and read.

I have a troubleshooting guide here

Apologies for the sceenshots; posted them to try show that I worked through the troubleshooting guide but still can’t work out what I missed.

A couple really simple things to double-check:

  1. Have you cleared the browser cache? It could be hanging on to an old cert if not
  2. What does the HAProxy stats page say? Is it showing that the qnap backend is up?
  3. What’s the backend’s health check method set to? Some of my hosts don’t like the default HTTP and switching them to Basic will bring them up.

I went back this morning to run the above checks you mentioned and all is well. It must have been the cache, although I thought I had cleared that already.

Thanks again for taking a look.

That’s awesome that you got it sorted