Google Drive Linux Pop_OS! 19.10

Dear Community,

I know that Pop_OS! 19.10 has integration built in to Google Services and specifically to Google Drive.
However, when using Nautilus and when trying to copy a file from my Home Folder to the linked Google Drive in Nautilus, the transfer speed is horrible and Nautilus sometimes even crashes or freezes for a long time in order to complete the copy of files to the destination.
Even when the files are maybe 3MB in Size.
I have a 50Mbps connection and this is not acceptable. I suspect the integration of Google Drive to Nautilus is the culprit.
Any ideas on how to fix this?

Your help and advice are always appreciated.

Hi all, if anyone else if having the same trouble. I have found two possible solutions. Both paid. Right now I’m doing the free trial. Later, i will decide if i pay for them or not. I will choose the best of the two. They are Insync and overGrive.
Check them out @LTS_Tom :grinning:

Wasn’t there something that used to be called grsync?