Getting started with side jobs

I work a full-time day job however I’m interested in doing contract or side jobs. There was a post here a few months back on side hustles. For all of out there that work on the side I would like to know how did you go about meeting clients and how did you advertise your services.

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I should do a blog post on this because there is a lot to cover.

I started doing IT on the side when my full time job cut everyone in the company down to 32 hour weeks when the economy was in the tank.

Start with a business plan. You’re smart for asking others how to go about this. You can meet with and a seasoned mentor will help you with this. It’s important to have a plan because it will guide you in your decisions. For example early on I was faced with taking out a $600 insurance policy for a $300 job. Knowing that I would probably need the insurance for other jobs later, I did it.

Insurance is no joke. Consider spending $1,000 to have a lawyer set up a LLC. It would suck to lose your house over a side job.

With that stuff out of the way, what are you really good at and how to you present that value to clients? What circles would clients that need those services be in? Find people that know people in those circles and offer to help. Ask them to introduce you. Be clear about what you do and your employment status.

Also if you’re just trying to earn some extra cash and not start a business, reach out to some other IT pros that may want to hire you for off hours stuff.

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Thanks for the advise especially in regards to setting up an LLC.

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