GEO IP Blocking

What is everyone using for GEO IP Blocking? I used Edgemax routers, but there is no GEO IP Blocking in this router that I can see. I see a lot of people are using pfsense, but I have never tried pfsense.


pfsense with pfblocker is how we handle it

I was hoping Ubiquiti would implement this feature in Edgemax. I guess I will need to dive into pfsense. Thank you for your time.

This is the lack of features issue I have with their firewalls. They work great, they are secure, but they lack features.

Yes I agree. I love there routers, just no features. I will probably shoot over to Netgate to pick one up. Thanks again for your time.

I used to manually maintain lists when I was running EdgeMax routers (I still have one as a cold spare) but I have since moved on to OpnSense and really like it. I have it set to only allow the US in unless it is an established/related connection. Yes I know that leaves “infected machines” in my network able to call home but I figured it was a decent compromise because it means I can get to sites like (hosted in Germany).

If EdgeMax would just add some more features such as GeoIP I would consider going back to them. They really are a solid product, just missing some features (as Tom alluded to)

It’s interesting that the USG has GeoIP filtering and the Edge line doesn’t. I don’t think you’ll regret getting a Netgate device. I switched from a USG to pfsense and don’t miss the USG.