Gateway Issue Connecting Cisco Switch to Ubiquiti EdgeX Router

Hi, Tom and the community,

Can someone guide me in the right direction to configure my Cisco switch to a Ubiquiti router, with Vlans’ aware, and establish an internet connection? I am a College student working on my Network lab, and I am having issues with loading a webpage, but I can traceroute and ping the gateway. Currently, the switch is configured with multiple VLANs, and Gig2/0/1 is a trunk port to the router. Also, the EdgeX is listening for specific VLANs on that switch port.

My problem is when I plug in a device to, let’s say, port 20 (VLAN 50) with a DHCP network of, I get an IP address from the DHCP server on the router. However, when I go to visit a webpage the site may, or may not load, and the browser will display, “the connection has timed out.”

p.s. I also have to Switch configured to have port-security on all VLAN50 ports, with Mac addresses sticky. No ACLs are setup.

Any ideas?

Network Info

The modem (ISP) is on network
The Router is on the network
EdgeX is running multiple VLANs with Port 3 set to listen for VLANs on Port Gig2/0/1 on Switch,
with the pvid on the router listening on VLAN 1, and vid set to listen to all other VLANs.
My MTU is 1500
DNS is

If DHCP is working then it’s getting to the router, next you should check if the rules allow for routing traffic on the EdgeX and that DNS is working properly.