FreeNas with 2 seperate Networks

New to FreeNas, and I did a search for what I’m trying ot accomplish but have not seen a solution. I setup my first system yesterday. Want to find out if it Is possible to setup FreeNas to use a local IP for internal home/office work and a dedicated WAN IP for websites. I have a bunch of IP’s 16 to be exact from my ISP. My office has a fiber connection and I want to setup direct access to a webserver running on a VM on my FreeNas machine. Is this possible? Thanks in advance for any and all answers/help.

Possible, but also a terrible idea. It would be better to have the FreeNAS behind a firewall and only allow the ports forwarded that are needed.


If you value security, heed Tom’s statement.


Right. It’s a bad idea to have a direct WAN connection to anything.

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