FreeNAS syncthing permissions

I followed @Tom 's guide to the extent that he creates a folder in Win10 vs. I want to add all datasets of my Pool so that my Win 10 box with a BFHDD (big f’ing hard drive) can backup all the things.

The way ACLs are done in FreeNAS always stumps me. I’ve added the user sync to the dataset, I’ve added teh wheel group to sync and umpteen other things and I keep getting traversing xyz: permission denied.

What is the Linux nuke 777 option in the FreeNAS GUI to give user sync GOD power? This is tiresome.

I’ve followed this:

The Group method

Looks to be a take from this:

No joy

TrueNAS SCALE you can’t come soon enough- likely naïve of me but I feel the Linux version will be must easier to manage.

TrueNAS scale witll still be using ZFS ACL permissions and you will also be dealing permissions in containers so it will be different.

I cover the permissions needed for storage and Syncthing in this video

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I’m just screaming “REEEEEEE” in a frustrated way because I suppose its a right brain/left brain thing for me. I can do ACLs at my job on all kinds of other systems, but FreeNAS/TrueNAS has always been confusing AF. Kind of like using an Android UI and old school Ipod- very different, either systems is either intuitive or confusing depending on the person.

I ended up using chmod -R 777, a command that was not supposed to work according to older forum posts but I guess it works on newer 11.x+ builds. I hate it, I really hate it that the door is not just unlocked but taken off the hinges for this to work, but I followed tutorials
<EDIT: I always check youtube to see if @LTS_Tom has already done something on the thing I’m trying to do/use first.>
, guides etc and just couldn’t get it to work.

I think the next thing to try is the “strip ACLs” box

And start over- been reading that permissions/ACLs can be wonky when setting up a CIF, then changing it etc.