Freenas storage

Hi all

Anyone here using the diskshelves from NetApp…?

I recently got DS2246 x24 600GB 10K SAS drives it has IOM6 controls

Also I have x2 DS4246 that I would like to populate with 10TB drives…

I have a supermicro twin server with x2 Xeon E5- 2620 / 128 GB ECC RAM (a total of 4 xeons and 256 GB RAM)

x2 LSI 9200 - 8e in HBA mode

x2 QSFP 40 Gbps on supermicro with breakout cables to connect to 10 GB unify Switch.

Would like to try a HA setup on freenas…!

Any thoughts…

Tom… please comment.

Thanks in advance

FreeNAS does not have built in support for HA.