FreeNas permissions for Plex

I recently added a 4th hard drive to my FreeNas box. I backed up everything, destroyed the pool and created a Raidz2 pool with 4 - 4TB hdd’s… After I got windows network shares working again, I installed Plex through the plugins page in FreeNas. I then go into Plex jail and configure the destination folder to /mnt/MediaVault/iocage/jails/plex/root/media. When I go to plex config I cannot select the media folder(media is grayed out). I see it at the bottom of the list, but I cannot select it. If I go back into the Plex jail and change it to a different folder like /mnt/MediaVault/iocage/jails/plex/root/mnt. I then go back into plex I can’t select the mnt folder(mnt is grayed out), although mnt is at the bottom of the list, the media folder comes back as an option. It doesn’t matter what folder I chose in the plex jail. When I go to Plex its no longer available to select, although I see it in the list.
I had all of this previously working when I was using 3 hard drives, never had a problem selecting folders.
Maybe I should do fresh install FreeNas?
Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Are you stopping the plug in while you attempt to map the storage? Also make sure you have the permissions set.

Thanks for your reply, I stop the plugin when I make changes. I read on a forum that FreeNas user id has to match the plex UID number. in my case plex UID is 972 and FreeNas user ID is 1000. I created another user with an ID 972 and mapped everything to that user. It seemed to fix my original problem, but now when I add a new folder into the Plex directory, then go into Plex and configure a new photo album, Plex see’s the new folder I added, but the new folder is grayed out and I can’t select it.

I have made so many changes to the settings in FreeNas, mainly because I’m still learning and troubleshooting. That was why I wondered if I should do a fresh install of FreeNas. I’m not sure what will happen if I do a clean install when I already have a raid setup. Or instead of clean install going to FreeNas console and resetting back to factory defaults. I didn’t have any of these problems the first time I set up FreeNas with triple mirror raid. Since adding the new hdd and redoing the raid config is when these problems with Plex happened. I’m not worried about losing anything since I have 2 backups of my data on another pc.

So I ended up going to FreeNas console and restored to factory. After setting everything back up I ended up with the original problem again. So I created a new user that matched the UID of plex (972), changed all permissions to www (though I’m not sure what that does exactly) and everything seems to be working now…