FreeNAS HW, XCP Base, QuaziTheory

So, I know XCP and FreeNAS are meant to be run on bare hardware, and I know FreeNAS is used for the backend storage on XCP. I know how their ‘supposed’ to be run; however, call me slightly nuts here, everyone else does.

I’m posing this question. Can one install XCP on a system built for FreeNAS, and run FreeNAS on that XCP installation, from the bare hardware?

Suppose the system has 12 cores, 32gb memory, 10 drives; you commit 2 drives to XCP, and want 8 on FreeNAS.

Is such a thing possible? If so, would the XCP contained FreeNAS be viable for XCP storage?

I’m thinking of this theory as a single system quazimoto monster.

Don’t think I would want to do that. Yeah, I’ve done VMware on VMware as an exercise but would never use in production. Wish I had more hardware and time to play with things, sometimes innovation comes from doing the improbable.

It’s hardware, time and not having used XCP that have me wondering about this quazimoto set up. I’ve used VMWare and wasn’t that thrilled with it honestly, however seeing how Tom makes XCP seem like a dream; and having such a rig available, I guess it’s more a question of, in theory would it work. If it’s theoretically possible, I’d consider using the rig and time to become Dr. Frankenstein. However not knowing XCP I’d rather ask the knowledgeable guys here before I decide to get the bags and drag the blonde inside, while Igor gets the brunette. :wink:

bonus points for knowing the reference

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you could install XCP on 2 drives and then create a VM for freenas OS and do pcie passthrough of the HBA controller that the remaining drives are on.

maybe use the sata ports for XCPNG’s 2 drives or get 2 HBA.

but it is possible

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Saw the movie can’t remember the stars though.

Would make an interesting exercise but is tempting the fates of FUBAR.

I have tested and I am working on a new series of videos about this. You can use pass through for an HBA but you can also do a pass through for each drive you would want to have FreeNAS handle. This is an older guide but should work.

I should have a video on this topic in about a week or so.

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Thanks for the reply and the link! I’m somehow surprised yet not it’s been tried. lol

How, can, you, not, remember, Young Frankenstein… One of Mels’ best imho.
Isn’t FUBAR on occasion, fun though? In the test world that is… :stuck_out_tongue:

Stellar Tom, Thanks! I can’t wait for that series. Okay, yes I can, a week won’t kill anyone, hopefully…

It has i tried it and it works well. I only went back to a separate box because I wanted to add dedicated 10GB (could have done it in the VM with passthrough but eh I like hardware).

I never liked the all my eggs in one basket and if I wanted to try a different hypervisor it would kill my freenas.

I also moved away from enterprise gear due to power costs.

Worry not! My google appliance is safe and sound at work! We are using it as a testing box for XCP as a proof of concept for clients.