FreeNAS cannot enable MinIO


After following your video on a new FreeNAS box, I get the following error message when trying to enable the service:
S3 service failed to start.

I Ran tail -f /var/log/messages but cann see any error related to MinIO.

Can anyone please help?

root@freenas2[/var/log]# tail -f minio.log
ERROR Unable to initialize backend: Unable to write to the backend
      > Please ensure MinIO binary has write permissions for the backend
        Verify if MinIO binary is running as the same user who has write permissions for the backend

Does it Matter if my dataset is inside another dataset?

Sounds like you have the permissions wrong. I cover that in this video:

HI @LTS_Tom ,

This is the first think I checked

Does it matter if the dataset is not at top level?

I just created a new dataset at the top level and I was able to start S3 with no issue.
Selecting the dataset I wanted and then I cannot start the service with the permission i shown above

I also poste my problem on the FreeNAS forum but if anyone here can help, I’ll really appreciate.

Thank you