FreeNAS Build Will these cards work?

Hi all

I’m looking at building myself a new FreeNAS system, I’m wondering whether anyone has used one of these cards with FreeNAS or knows whether they would work?

Why this card? Because it supports JBOD, I’ll do ZFS within FreeNAS itself so don’t necessarily need a Full-fledged RAID Card.

Thoughts? Suggestions?


Might work, but honestly I would go for something more recent.

Looks like this not even PCI Express, just PCI. It only supports SATA 1,5 GBit/s, none of the newer and faster SATA standards. And it might not support drives with a capacity of more than 2TB.

I can recommend LSI 2008-based cards, they set you back around $30 (used) and can be flashed into so-called IT-mode (initiator-target) which disables all RAID cabapilities and makes it function like a plain old HBA. Some of them even allow for SAS/SATA Expanders, letting you connect up to 256 drives to one card.

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Exactly the response I was looking for!!!


If I picked up one of the LSI cards where would I find the IT firmware?

I think that depends on exactly what model of card you get. I myself bough an IBM ServeRAID M1015, and I got my instructions and download link from this site. You might be able to find the original firmware on the Broadcom support website (under “legacy products”, likely).

Thanks, I may have one of those IBM cards I’ll have a look around the office.