FreeNAS asynchronous writes with xcp-ng


Hi Tom,

I am seeing that in your video you are using FreeNAS iSCSI as strorage for your Xcp-ng servers.
On the FreeNAS, how do you handle the asynchronous writes generated by the hypervisor?
Do you have a dedicated ssd disk for SLOG or simply set sync=always in FreeNAS?

Thank you


It matters more with NFS, but you can turn that off in FreeNAS on per dataset. Also I moved over to NFS shares with my new server.


Interesting, can you share why? the Video you did iSCSI vs NFS pointed to iSCSI been better


Just for testing on our new server. The speed difference is quite marginal.


So which would you recommend in production?


iSCSI can be a bit more processor intensive, but both are fine, which ever one you prefer.