FreeNAS-11.3-U3.2 Keeps getting disconnected from my Network

Hello to Everyone,

I have this issue where FreeNAS 11.3.U2 keeps getting disconnected randomly from my network.
Almost once per day so far.
On my FreeNAS I have the following NIC:
Dell Intel PRO/1000 VT Quad Port Server Adapter LP PCI-E

I have an ASUS X470 TUF Gaming with a R7 1700 and 16GB of RAM.
Previously I was using the MOBO’s NIC which was a Realtek NIC.

After doing some reading/research about this issue I was having, I bought the NIC stated above hoping the troubles would go away, since its a real Intel NIC Card.
However, the problem remains.

I dont know what else to think about this, which is the reason I kindly request some help here in the Community. If someone has had this issue and has solved it, please share with me. Or guide me to the solution please.

Thanks so much for your time and help.
Best Regads.

Does the network actually drop or just the storage drops offline? Maybe try running a ping in the background and when it “disconnects” see if it’s still pinging.

Changed cables?

Tried a different switch port?

Thanks so much for the reply.
I have tried changing the cables but no luck.
The SW is a UBNT Flex Mini 5 port. I also upgraded this SW from a TPLink, thinking it would help solve the issue, but even after the UBNT purchase, the problem continues.

I tried the ping recommendation, running a persistent ping on the IP of my FreeNAS but after maybe 24 hours, ping is lost and host becomes unreachable.

Thanks for your support.

Are there any logs on the Freenas box when the network drops?

How do you have the NIC setup ?
You mentioned it’s a quad port card so do you have a LAGG setup whereby the ports are trumped together ?
If so what technology did you setup the LAGG interface with. Eg LACP, Fail over etc.
If you have got it setup as a LAGG the. Double check the config on your switch.
Fail over I don’t think requires any config at the switch side, but LACP does. If it’s a Cisco switch then make sure your port priorities are correct and that they are setup in the same channel group etc.

Any logs you can provide may give us insight on this. Both from freenas and from your switch.

When diagnosing network issues then it’s always good to work up from the bottom of the layer 7 stack.
Check your physical cables. If your running 10Gb make sure they are cat6 etc
Next check your switch is reporting the link is up (layer 2) and that it remains up even when you loose connection.
Layer 3 like someone said do a continuous ping. If your able to still ping but unable to connect to the storage over smb, nfs, iscsi etc then that’ll point at a service issue rather than network and you can then focus on logs for that specific service etc :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for all your recommendations and advice. Let me try these recommendations and get back to everyone. Maybe its one of them and hopefully the problem will be solved. If not. I’ll look for my logs to share here for all to see :smile:

Best Regards.

Hi Everyone,

It does not use LAGG and its not 10GbE.
Its only 1GbE.
It only has a basic configuration, no Fail Over, etc.

After 48 hours or working in a stable manner, it just lost ping “Destination Host Unreachable”
I am at a loss for ideas on how to fix this or what could be the problem.

Ok so I think we need to start at layer 1 here and work our way out. Do you have cables passing by a tv or something that can cause interference? Could you try another cable? Do you have any other devices having the same issue as your FreeNAS box? Were you able to look at the Syslog on your Freenas to see if anything happened around the time of the drop?