Fortigate Question Downloading large File

Hi Mate,

We have a weird behaviour when trying to download a large file like 10GB and up.

it always having an error, how can i trace or troubleshoot it to know what is the problem?

we have a FortiGate 60E firewall. can someone give some advice?

thanks in advance

Are you able to put wireshark on either the source or destination hosts? If so I would start there and get a packet capture.

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We are going to need a little more info, what error are you getting does it happen right away or does it get partway and then fail. have you tried another browser? do you have any web filtering on the firewall? an ids or ips that can take action on an alert?

The rule on the Fortigate that let you download the file, woud there be any IPS, Web Filtering or File Filtering being used?