Formal Sales process?

I’m wondering if anyone here uses something along the lines of a formal sales process. If so, what does that look like for you?

I view the geographic market around me as split into two high-level segments: Home (B2C) and biz (B2B) since I am servicing both. I’m considering focusing on just the B2B segment, but the area here is pretty rural without any real business/manufacturing centers nearby. I am planning to expand into the next closest geographic market that is a major business center, but that is down the road 6-18 months.

I am just curious as I haven’t had the need to really have a defined marketing & sales process for my software biz, I mainly had very long term contracts and the MSP side of my biz was always word of mouth (for the most part I did “the tech guy thing” as a side-hustle).

Thanks in advance!

As a follow up question, does anyone use buyer personas? If so, how did you come up with the data to populate them?

We don’t really deal with the retail as much, but the B2C is really about relationship building.

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