Firewall decisions... outgoing port blocking, schedules, filtering, reporting

Recently came across the Youtube channel, great content.

So I’m looking for a home solution, currently using which I have been using for 6+ years. Great little box and does a lot of stuff very well.

I would like :-

Firewall outgoing blocking (TCP+UDP)
Schedules - for rules / access
Filtering youtube/minecraft etc which can be scheduled.
Reporting - similar to Untangle
Remote management would be nice, not essential though.

Hardware wise I have an i7, 32GB Ram, 256SSD, 4 port Intel NIC

I’m happy to pay for dedicated hardware if required or pay for a software based firewall.

Watching the Videos on the channel has left me with more choices / decisions. There is no perfect firewall, I could try all the various ones out, but thought I’d ask first as seem like a friendly and knowledge place.

I would say Untangle firewall would be the best fit. It offers all the filtering options you are looking for but I have never used their time based rules to know how that works .

Thanks. I’ll give that a go. Time based rules seem fairly straight forward, also found you can also give duration based time as well, which is a nice addition.