Fiber WAN connection with pfSense

Hello. My experience to date has been with DHCP on the WAN side. I have a new ISP using fiber. They installed what they call a fiber handoff NID, a layer 2 device. I am running pfSense as the firewall. This is a brand new install of pfSense and I have not changed many settings since WAN is the first item that needs to be working. Today’s version is

When I plug in my laptop to the fiber box and set to DHCP, nothing happens because as expected there is no DHCP. I just wanted to confirm. I then entered our static WAN IP address/gateway information and my laptop works as advertised.

I then plugged in our pfSense box. I set the static WAN IP address/gateway information and no internet access. Finally, I went to the WAN firewall rules and opened up everything. This is my only change and I have internet access. I obviously do not want to go live with this setup, but it seems to suggest a rule issue when connecting to a “a fiber handoff NID, a layer 2 device.” Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

So I ran a DNS benchmark and updated my DNS entries in pfSense. Being bothered by the WAN rule, I circled back and deleted said open rule to confirm things would break. It did not break. Did I hit a DNS issue? Did my ISP have to do something of which I was not aware? Sigh. Any thoughts or advice is appreciated. Thanks.