Failed! Publishing App from LAN to external domain

Plz help!!!

**I followed Tom’s tutorial on youtube for HAProxy & Let’s Encrypt on pfSense to publish an instance of accessible via internet. I’m failing miserably at it. **

I have pfsense virtualized on proxmox. I want to publish nextcloud online for family and friends.
I tried every advise and tutorial online and still getting:

This page isn’t working redirected you too many times.

My ISP Modem doesn’t allow bridging so WAN is in DMZ.

WAN & LAN interface
Block private networks off
Block bogon networks off
HTTPS port 10443
Webgui redirect on
Firewall rules
LAN Default
WAN added:
Block WAN net to this firewall
Pass IPV4 TCP to WAN port 1194(OpenVPN) added by wizard
Acme Account keys
Name mydomain_com
Description apps
CA letsencrypt-production-2

Acme Certificate (issued and renewed succesfully)
Name wildcard_mydomain_com
Description apps
Status Active
Acme Account mydomain_com
private key 2048-bit RSA

Mode Enabled
*Domain name
Method DNS-cloudfare

Action list:
Mode Enabled
Command /usr/local/etc/rc.d/ restart
Method shell command
ddns nextcloud dot mydomain dot com working
**haproxy backend **
Mode active
Name nextcloud
Forwardto Address+Port:
Address Port 80
Encrypt(SSL) no
SSL checks no
**haproxy frontend **
Name mydomain_com
Description apps
Status Active

External address - Table:
Listen address WAN address (IPv4)
Custom address greyed out
Port 443
SSL Offloading on
Type: http/https(offloading)

Access Control lists:
Name nextcloud
Expression Host matches:
**CS no **
Not no
Value nextcloud dot mydomain dot com

**Actions: **
Action Use Backend
Parameters See below
Condition acl names nextcloud
backend nextcloud

SSL Offloading:
Certificate: wildcard_wazzan_us
Add ACL for certificate subject alternative name ON
DNS Resolver
DNSSEC support Enabled

Host Overrides
Host: nextcloud
Parent domain: mydomain dot com
IP to return for host:
description: nextcloud

If your ISP does not allow bridging and you don’t have a public IP then this won’t be externally accessible.

Even in DMZ with DDNS?

Correct, if you don’t have a public IP you can not share nextcloud.