Expanding LVM Volumes for Encrypted Drives

Dear @LTS_Tom
I have seen your recent Ryzen 9 3900x video.
What a sweet rig.
Please can you teach us in the forum or make a video on how you managed to extend your Encrytpted LVM from the original 250GB size to fit your new NVME 500GB Western Digital Black SN750 Drive?
I tried to do it myself just seraching in Google, but I fail.
I would appreciate it if you make a video to teach us the proper way to do it and the commands you used.
Many Thanks!

Hello, does anyone in the Community know how to accomplish this?
Please Kindly Help.

Take a look at this. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ResizeEncryptedPartitions

Thanks @mouseskowitz for the Link. I will try the steps as described.
@LTS_Tom maybe you can do a Collab video with Jay from LearnLinux.tv about this topic and make a tutorial?Just a thought…:blush: :nerd_face:
There may be more people who could benefit from that video.
Thanks as always @LTS_Tom for all your wonderful videos and for settting up this Forum in order to benefit the whole community.